A New Take on “Garbage”


It is only when taking a closer look that the interested observer recognizes,

or rather, senses, what kind of material the work of art consists of: tin cans!


Using it as his raw material supply, Christoph Menger has centered his work

on the beverage can.


An item bought and emptied millions of times around the world each day,

and disposed of in one way or another – a true icon of consumption –

is the point of origin for the creation of art.


A vast collection of cans, all of them commercial brand products from German

and international manufacturers, is the source from which Menger painstakingly

crafts three-dimensional pictures, postcards and lavish mosaics depicting

impressive and fascinating motifs.


The individual building blocks, one- or two-centimeter “pixel” squares or

irregularly cut tiles roughly two centimeters in size, along with complete

figurative elements such as animals, figures or other shapes, are cut from

the tin with scissors after the can ends have been removed.


As the pieces of the mosaic in their hundreds or even thousands are arranged

one by one, the work of art begins to take shape.


The beverage cans’ varied palette of rich colors, the applied paint and silver and

gold foils which add a strong luminosity of their own, combine to make the finished

works radiate with a glow that seems to emanate from within.


In an intelligent and aesthetically pleasing way, Christoph Menger transforms

garbage into colorful and imaginative visual worlds –

bringing joy and leaving plenty of room for free thought.